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The trend of Team Building


December 1, 2016


Team building exercises are still not very widespread among the majority of companies (especially the smallest ones), but with the increasing internationalisation, this is starting to become every day more necessary, spreading like wildfire in all fields.

Calculating that a worker spends many hours with colleagues, it is necessary to work in a place where time can be easily spent and for that comes into play team building techniques.

Until not long ago a company was perceived as the sum of all its employees, seen as single entities working, each in itself and with its task, with the ultimate aim of the company. A team effort was required only in exceptional cases when it was evident that a single human being would not have the skills or the time to do the job by himself.

Today one of the main trends is going to born in most companies is the one known as “team building”.

Team building: the ideal way to create trust in the group

It’s normal that in every company, different groups are working in various fields, and that in each of those there are different people. The important is that everyone could work for the company final goal, whatever it is.

By considering so, it is important being able to work in the team, but this is not a natural gift we all possess. The human being is, by nature, individualistic, and believe in another person it is something everyone needs to learn.

Team building serves to develop the relationship of mutual trust and dependence in a team so that everyone works to achieve the ultimate goal of the group. Imagining that the company is an orchestra and that the team working on the inside are the different sectors, it is easy to imagine the result of uncoordinated groups within them. Still, come out of the sounds of the instruments, but the possibilities that it can be pleasant music are drastically reduced if there is no harmony.

Is not easy to learn how to work in a team, especially if one never did that in the past.

To allow everyone reach this goal in the shorter time possible there are several Team Building companies all over the world, such as SmartEventi in Italy,Kaleidoscope in the UK, Catalyst in the US and so on; every one of those have the same goal: allow customersai??i?? employee to work better together in order to reach higher companyai??i??s goals.

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