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Excitement for the upcoming PIRELLI IPO


September 7, 2017


Pirelli IPO to take place this autumn

Pirelli, the Italian tyre giant, has confirmed that it intends to go public in the fourth quarter of this
year. The company is the largest tyre manufacturer in Italy and produces tyres in 19 sites in 13
different countries across the world and is present in over 160 countries. The Italian CEO Marco
Tronchetti Provera has said that the Pirelli IPO will take place in the autumn of 2017 so as to capitalise on
the possibilities offered by the market at this time. Pirelli is expected to be listed once again on the
the Borsa Italiana after a two-year absence since it was taken over by ChemChina in 2015. The
forthcoming IPO will provide an opportunity for Pirelli to redefine its financial arrangements to its
advantage (on this topic read alsoAi??Pirelli Reportedly Racing to Milan IPO Valued at Nearly $11 BillionAi??and Pirelli reports growth ahead of IPO)

Pirelli Tyres ai??i?? How many different kinds can there be?

The answer is a lot. Pirelli currently produces over 1900 different types of tyre for vehicles of all
kinds. These include: cars, trucks, busses, motorbikes and ai??i?? new as of this year ai??i?? road racing bikes.
The company, which started as a family run business before growing into the manufacturing giant
that it is today has been producing tyres for over a century and in that time has developed tyres
using the latest technology. Pirelli specialises in premium quality tyres for high end cars as well as
racing tyres, supplying tyres for hundreds of racing competitions across the world as well as being
the sole tyre supplier for Formula 1.

Pirelli tyres for Formula 1

Pirelli is the exclusive tyre supplier for Formula 1 and as such supplies the two different types of
tyre required by FIA (FAi??dAi??ration Internationale de l'Automobile) regulations. The first kind of tyre,
known as slicks, are designed to be used while the track is dry and so they donai??i??t have any tread at
all. They come in five compounds and Pirelli has a colour-coded system to easily differentiate them:
Ultrasoft (purple), supersoft (red), soft (yellow), medium (white) and hard (orange). What's the
difference? Well, in simplistic terms the ultrasofts give the best performance but wear very quickly,
whereas while harder tyres last longer. The second type of tyre is designed to be used on wet
surfaces. Intermediate (green) and wet-weather (blue) have full tread patterns, which is necessary to
expel standing water when racing in the wet.

A bit of colour for you too

Now it’s not only the professional racers who will be able to add a bit of colour to their tyres. Pirelli
has launched a colour edition of their Pzero and winter Sottozero tyres which are premium tyres and
which made their road debut with Italian police force. At the moment the colours available are red,

yellow, white and silver although more colours are to be added in the near future. Pirelli
technicians have managed to develop an innovative printing process with new compound solutions
and specially designed defences to preserve the integrity and brightness of the colour under normal
conditions of car usage. They have introduced a material which creates a protective barrier to
maintain brightness, without affecting the performance of the tyre, while reducing the risk of the
being worn away over time. The first P Zero Color Editions have already been released in the past
few months on Pagani, Lamborghini and McLaren cars, while from this summer they will also be
available for Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porsches, and Bentleys. Coloured tyres will then be gradually
introduced for all the premium models made by the largest car manufacturers.

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