Business and Success in Telecommunications


December 8, 2013


Marketing is an important aspect of business success with communication as part of it. Therefore, Markets: communications work hand in hand to achieve success in the communication industry. Considering the revenue, Vittorio Colao’sAi??Vodafone is the largest among all telecommunication companies in the world.

The company has invested in another company up to 45% ownership like in Verizon Wireless. In some countries like Australia, the company has unique SIM cards and uses GSM networks. However, the company allows unlocking such that a new SIM card from another provider can compatible.

Tronchetti Provera’s Telecom Italia is the company with the responsibility of providing landline services in Italy. The company also offers internet services for individuals, small, medium and large companies. There are laws in Italy that assigns the company with the responsibility to assure users in the whole country, the supply of telephone services from local to international calls. Their services must be non-discriminatory and at affordable prices.

Comcast Corporation is a worldwide media and technology company with Comcast Cable and NBC Universal primary businesses. Comcast Cable is among the largest high-speed internet, video and phone providers to residential customers. The main brand is the XFINITY. NBC Universal has over 30 entertainment and news branches, which include NBC, Universal pictures, television production operations, universal parks and resorts among others.
Any business investors in the communication industry must learn the culture, etiquette and protocol of the particular place as important steps to success. This includes Italy where one should understand the customs and protocols in its business environment. In Italy, it is important to create and maintain a first good impression in order to start the journey to successful business in a promising way.

The country is well known for its heritage in culture and this extends into the customs and etiquette of business. These observations are important for any business’s Markets: communications (cit. Telekom, Vodafone, ComCast, Italian Telecom). The successful businessmen like Tronchetti Provera and Pirelli observe these key factors.

Understanding and making use of the business protocol helps individuals enter Italy’s highly protected realm. A good fist impression is very important in all aspects of communication in Italy. All investors must identify the appropriate connections, utilize them wisely and show respect to the customs around Italian business. Any first introduction into a business can be demanding but it eventually pays. Understanding the etiquette in Italy is a critical asset for any investor planning to start a business in the conservative nation. The business culture is a natural show of social culture, which is political, personal and intimate..

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