Review: Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank is considered one of the largest European banks, the bank is specialized in financial products as well as in investment, with professionals working in this field for years. If you decide to use Saxo Bank as your broker for the Forex markets you will do probably a good choice, especially if your experience in the field of “trading” is long-term with regard to the online industry and want to work on the same platform but on different markets. This is guaranteed by the platform Saxo Bank with exceptional levels of efficiency.

For those who come to this world for the first time the group Saxo Bank provides reliability continues without any doubt. Some problems may arise instead for someone due to policies that this company holds relating to the minimum size of what will be your account, in fact for the base account you will need at least 5,000 euros, but if you decide to have the most important accounts payments will become even more expensive but obviously you will get better conditions, in this case spread much lower. You will also have at your disposal a “dealing desk” in the ECN version that you can activate through a private transaction.

All services that offer different platforms are easily triable in the free demo of Saxo Bank. There are no restrictions placed and then you are offered an excellent opportunity to experience what is meant to be a “trader” through the three platforms that are offered.

The platforms can meet different customers’ needs, we must say that different brokers offer more opportunities to choose from, but in any case the Saxo Trader is a platform that has everything you need, perhaps the only downside is that it is a bit too difficult to use at the beginning and the compatibility with the Mac OSX is limited.