Review: PLUS500

Plus500 is the most comprehensive online platform and quality technology available, it belongs to the Plus500 Ltd, founded in 2008 in the UK, the company rapidly spreaded in Europe and Asia, and in a few years it became the most competitive and reliable company offering tools for autotrading online, including through the regulation and authorization granted by the Financial Services Authority.

The most comprehensive platform to forex … and not only

Basically, it allows investors to operate not only on the Forex but also to speculate working with stocks, index and commodities through the support of innovative, simple and effective grouped in a single trading platform.

With PLUS500 one can operate with:





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How does Plus500 work?

Plus 500 is available in three versions: a downloadable version, an online accessible via any browser and with a mobile interface that allows you to operate even through iPhones and Androids. The platform remains the same regardless of the version, this is very useful at the strategic level because it allows the user to switch from one version to another with no need to reorganize.

The strength of Plus500 is the peculiarity of being a platform completely user friendly, characterized by cutting-edge innovation, and the availability of tools effectively responsive and reliable, but also the presence of a simple interface that makes it ideal not only for the most experienced of online trading but also for those who look out for the first time on the world of finance and the stock market online.

To start trading with PLUS500

The first step is of course to register and create an account. For the novices of trading, it is possible to train through a demo account of the company, absolutely free and unlimited in time, to ensure operators to use it for as long as they deem it necessary before debuting with real money.

To obtain and successfully achieve good results, but also to make a smart trading is crucial seize and understand the mechanisms that regulate this sector and acquire a skill for effective and strategic analysis that yields success, Plus500 knows this, for this reason, in addition to the demo are also available practical examples, a real educational center for training in support of traders, can provide information and explanations to familiarize yourself with the tools, with the basic principles and the various possible strategies.

Bonus Entry PLUS500

At the operational level and therefore real negotiations, one of the most significant advantages of using Plus 500 is the ability to get a bonus of 25 euro without a deposit and to get additional bonuses in the case of bigger trades, for new traders, in addition, the platform Plus 500 allows to get bonuses for the first deposit, the amount of which is calculated based on the amount deposited.

The minimum deposit expected to negotiate is 100 euro with a leverage of 1:50 (the lever allows you to start trading with small amounts of money to obtain the effects of much larger amounts), you can access real-time prices of the most important financial markets in the world, each version of the platform is characterized by standard input limits, stop loss, profit limit, trailing stop, and market orders, and the methods of payment accepted are bank deposit, credit card and moneybookers.

Opinions PLUS500 (in summary)

The platform is simple and intuitive to use, the broker does not require committees to start (with a demo account or a live account) are not required special formalities and transfers are made rapidly, on average within 2 working days, at card, moneybookers paypal.

Legal notes:
A� A�* Your capital may be at risk
A� A� * Plus500 is a CFDs service