Review: eToro

eToro is the ideal broker for beginners of Forex or for those who want to trade in a context looking like a video game.

Just register for free and download the client in order to start. eToro is on the market since 2006, it was founded by three young trader to take later in 2007 the official switchover and fit in the stock markets. This platform has grown very quickly, ensuring high reliability from the start and quickly positioned itself at the top of the industry. His innovations especially relating to trading mode suggestions, simple, intuitive and, most importantly, fun have opened a new world for all beginners who wish to enter the world of trading in foreign currencies.

Description of the broker

This platform was the only one to try to present the Forex markets much like a game, given the simplicity of using the client that gets fun, almost looking like a video game. The main difference is that in the game of eToro you can earn real money and even quite a few if you are able to manage transactions in the correct way. There are various options available to those who decide to use a platform eToro, including:

Forex Marathon. This is the mode that made eToro famous, the “trading” into a game. By accessing, you can choose the currency that you want to trade and the amount you want to invest. From this point you can “open the market”. A running track will be the representation of currencies moving. With characters like the sumo wrestler who is to represent the Yen and the businessman hand, represents the Euro in a challenge that follows the real currency fluctuation.

Dollar Trend. Ita��s another mode that allows “traders” to predict the rise or the fall of a volute with respect to the Dollar, with the possibility of using up to 4 currencies at the same time. The currencies in this case are represented by the coin images.

Globe Trader. You can view the planet and from this point you can organize a transaction between currencies, connected by a telegraphic signal. A box will offer data of losses or earnings.

Forex Match. The currencies in this mode are in a tug of war challenge that will follow the trend of the market at different times.

The best strategies, as rated by the users, to make winning trading on eToro.

eToro offers its users a forum in which the experts or novices can meet and exchange points of view and advices on the platform. And it was in Etoro Forum that a poll determined which of the trading mode provided was the best, and why:

The vast majority-with an equal proportion of experienced traders and new-voted “TRADE BOX” as the best strategy for Etoro, accessible and simple especially for newcomers to the world of forex.

The reason for the success of eToro

eToro has had the great, pioneering advantage of providing its users a platform fun yet powerful and reliable. But not limited to, numerous opportunities for interaction between the various traders (forums, social trading) give the trader, even a beginner, the reassuring feeling of “never being alone.” Where other brokers have focused on austerity and usability, eToro has focused on creating the experience of forex trading as a game.

To confirm this, the bonus input, as well as the demo account provided are among the best in the market.

The advantages eToro for those who want to learn how to do forex:

Graphical views

User friendly interfaces

Free practice account with real rates

Low initial investment

Personal trading coach