Review CKFX

CKFX is a platform where you can do “trading” in a very professional way, the interface is well designed, and is obviously designed for all those brokers who are always looking to save time in the transactions. The site explains very well what are the characteristics of the clientare and you will not have any trouble finding what you are looking for in no time.

For all those who want to try the experience of playing with currencies and stock markets, CKFX offers you the opportunity to open an account to test this experience. This is possible through a $ 100,000 demo account. So you’ll have an opportunity that not many brokers can offer, to be able to turn the money that you earn with the demo account into real cash.

If instead you feel ready for an adventure with a real account, you can open it by choosing between the Starter account, or if you prefer you can choose a Standard account. The first option is best if you are a beginner, so for those who are starting to do “trading”, in fact you can trade mini lots, which usually have the value of 1/10 of the standards or the standard lots, which normally are valued at 100,000 units (currency). The option will be attractive to those who are novices in this environment as you can reduce significantly losses.

After you have registered you will have to choose whether to use Java as a platform and if you want to install the client on your computer by downloading it. You will not have problems in either one or the other case, in fact the platform CKFX is perfectly structured and studied in details. Much of the space is taken from the graphics, while on the right you will find constantly updated values of currencies and index, as well as the buttons which you may need if you want to open a new position. When you decide to open a new position you will have jumped at the chance to set the “stop less” and obviously the “entry limit.”