Review: AVA FX

Introducing Ava Fx

Traders and investors, either novice or savvy, looking for a currency trading platform that gives top priority to usability, ease of use and immediacy would definetly go for Ava Fx From the registration process, fast and simple, the method of deposit that provide almost all payment methods existing today (Paypal, Western Union, credit card, etc..) until you get to the UI, everything seems designed to keep each transaction never further away than one or two clicks of the mouse.

As the broker says in his notes business:

What makes Ava unique in the world of online trading is its user-oriented approach. While many other trading sites are nothing more than extensions of banking institutions, Ava has been designed from the outset by traders who understand the needs of this new growth industry.

Details of the broker.

Ava Capital Markets Ltd., founded in 2006, has a growing number-of-investors around 100,000 members worldwide with monthly trading volume of about $ 50 billion. In 2010, Ava FX has been recognized in several awards from World Finance, as the award for the Best Broker Broker more transparent and BVI.

The logistic center of Ava Fx is in Dublin