Forex Strategies

The main strategies

What is Scalping?

This term defines a type of very fast operations that are repeated several times during the same day, usually lasting only a few minutes. It is called a scalping trading activity that has as its characteristics, speed and efficiency, there are individuals who put together and make small gains, noteworthy incoms. This type of activity sees his advantage, depending on how low are the fees for each transaction. The “scalper” mainly uses the “book” in order to be able to build its positions quickly and last a very short time.

What is an Automatic Rollover?

This option provides an opportunity for traders to leave open positions until they want it. All these “rollings” are made by calculating the rates offered by the market, then the investor gain or will have to pay depending on the difference in rates between the two currencies selected inherent in the position. The automatic rollover can also be changed manually and the position will be closed when the position expires.

What does a�? to go longa�� mean?

In the Forex market all the changes are defined by a pair of currencies: EUR / USD, JPY / USD, etc., go “long” means nothing more than to acquire the first currency because it is believed that will gain in value than the other, thereby you are opening a buy order on the EUR / USD currency. So you will get a “long” if you believe that the future value of the changes will be on the rise.

What does a�?to go shorta�� mean?

When you hear the phrase “go short” it means that you take the second currency (eg EUR / USD, you buy the Dollar) thinking they will get stronger against the euro, by doing so you are opening a command “sell” between currencies EUR / USD. This opens a “short” if you believe that the future value of the “cross” is decreasing.